Exposure scenario

Exposure scenario

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Ecotoxicological Centre Bratislava, sro offers you develop exposure scenarios and their implementation in your company to ensure the management and control of risks arising from the use of chemical substances or mixtures in your company.

Exposure scenario – secure conditions for the use of chemical substances and mixtures


Content of service:

  1. Identification of parameters of Exposure Scenario (ES) base on data from client  (the extended Safety data Sheets, i.e. e-SDSs) ;
  2. Identification of use conditions in company with respect to ES on the basis of documentation provided by the client (internal documentation,…) ;
  3. Identification of parameters values with respect to the use of models and specific information from the evaluation process, including the use of measured parameters for specific processes ;
  4. Calculation of scalled parameters and verify their applicability (modeling) ;
  5. Interpretation of scaling and assess the need for additional steps – formalization and documentation management.

If you order the SCALLING OF ES, we will provide:

1) The report on implementation of requirements from e-SDSs (the Scalling of Exposure Scenario) for substance as such or contained in preparations used in your company that include- PDF document:

  1. Identified the parameters of the Exposure Scenario of your supplier (conditions of use described by Use Descriptors, operational measures, measures to control risks) ;
    b. Defining the limit values for the substance under national legislation ;
    c. Defining the conditions of use in your company ;
    d. Comparison of operating conditions in your company to the conditions proposed by the manufacturers in the e-SDS ;
    e. Comparison of use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in your company to the proposed PPE manufacturer in the e-SDS ;
    f. Assessment of compliance of operation proposed in ES with use in your company and assesses the need for additional steps.

Implementation of the EC in the company in PDF format>>

At the same time we offer the development of abbreviated forms of exposure scenarios spreadsheet for your use, which saves you the cost of the financial information supply chain (in Slovak, English, German, French and Czech language).

REACH places new requirements on the information on the conditions for safe use of chemicals or mixtures in the supply chain. For providing information on the conditions of safe use of chemicals or mixtures are liable: manufacturers, importers and downstream users.

Under REACH, the use of a chemical substance or mixture means any activity which is a potential source of direct danger to health of employees, customers, consumers and the environment (eg manufacturing, formulation, filling, coating, packaging, storage, waste disposal etc.).

The new requirements apply only to substances as such or mixtures meeting the criteria for classification as dangerous according to Directive 67/548/EEC or meet the criteria for PBT or (14 (4) of REACH) or substances of very high concern (SVHC) (REACH Article 31).

The main communication tool is a safety data sheet (SDS), which will be extended for the substance or mixture with detailed exposure scenarios, which describe the operational conditions and risk management measures, to control the risks for all identified uses.

Duties of manufacturers, importers and downstream users:

If you are using substances classified as dangerous or meeting the criteria as PBT or SVHC or you are obliged to notify ECHA your use and conditions for safe use of chemicals or mixtures in the supply chain.


ECHA publishes a practical guide for downstream users on exposure scenarios

The new guide for downstream users provides tips for checking whether the uses and use conditions of a chemical substance are covered by exposure scenarios provided by suppliers with the Safety Data Sheet. It includes advice on the action to take based on the outcome of this check.

Helsinki, 28 June 2012 – The practical guide provides an overview of the main duties of downstream users with regard to exposure scenarios under REACH and the associated timescale. It presents examples which illustrate common issues faced by downstream users when they compare their actual uses and the conditions of use with the information provided by suppliers. Practical tips on how to undertake a check and the options for follow up actions are also provided.

It also includes advice on how and when to prepare a downstream user chemical safety report
and to report unsupported use to ECHA.

The publication has been developed with input from the Downstream Users of Chemicals
Coordination Group (DUCC), in particular with regard to the practical examples.

To further develop the guide and the examples, ECHA is encouraging downstream users to
submit actual experiences. Contributions should be sent to ECHA using the form “contact the
ECHA Information Desk” available on the ECHA Contact web page.

Further information:

Practical guide 13: How downstream users can handle exposure scenarios

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Exposure scenario for chemical safety report and communication
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Exposure scenario for chemical safety report and communication
Example: Consumer use of a substance in cleaning products


ECHA Guidance for downstream users

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