Substance Information Exchange ForumSIEF

Article 29 REACH: All potential registrants, downstream users and third parties who have submitted information to the Agency for the same phase-in substance, or registrants who have submitted a registration for that phase-in substance before the deadline shall be participants in a substance information exchange forum (SIEF).

Be active in a SIEF

The SIEFs are formed for the sharing of information, avoid duplication of new studies and agree on classification and labelling if necessary. SIEFs are formed by companies that intend to register the same substance.

What is important?

If you want to register by 1 December 2010, you have to join a SIEF now.

Joining a Substance Information Exchange Forum (SIEF) is a legal obligation of all registrants.

You can become active by communicating with other members. You have to a keep record of all your activities in SIEF so that you can demonstrate your activity if you need to.

SIEF members need to nominate a Lead Registrant to submit the joint registration dossier. The joint submission contains the main part of the technical dossier including the classification and labelling of the substance, (robust) study summaries and the proposal for further testing, if applicable.

The Lead Registrants

  • should inform ECHA of their nomination as soon as possible in order to be able to benefit from Lead Registrant webinars and advice.
  • acts as a contact point for the registrants of other substances who want to ‘read across’ to the substance data for their own substance.

You can change your status in SIEF

If you decide to postpone your registration or you do not need to register, you can change your SIEF status from active to inactive. Do this in REACH IT.

More information you can find in ECHA documents:

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