Why is SDS needed?

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Why is SDS needed?

  • main tool of communicating information on safe use of chemicals and mixtures
  • provide the information in the supply chain down but up
  • including information from the relevant Chemical Safety Report the downstream user in the immediate supply chain (must comply)
  • if the chemical safety report prepared – relevant exposure scenarios shall be annexed to the SDS (exposure scenario: a set of conditions, including operational conditions and risk management measures that describe how substances are manufactured or used during its life cycle and how the manufacturer or importer controls, or recommends downstream users to control exposure of humans or the environment.These exposure scenarios may cover one specific process or use or several processes or uses.)
  • employer can with their help determine whether to present his work any hazardous substance or mixture and simultaneously may be considered a risk to health and safety of workers arising from their use
  • made responsible (competent) person (training required)

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