Risk Assessment

Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment
There are a lot of situations, when we must evaluate, if harm of human health or environment is present.

risk assesment describes the possibility and the consequence of negative effect of harmful factors. Based on this, a risk assesment proposes convenient and real measures to be provided for an acceptable degree of danger to be accepepted.

By risk assesment, we understand an evaluation of environmental effects and those which are linked with human health in case of a contamination. Aim is to asses the need of safety measures, as the evaluation of specific risk in a condition for any similar measures. It evaluates concrete circumstances arising from information about present polluting substances and at the same time from possible ways of their paths, exposition and target group. This is being described in every specific situation. The evaluation of specific risk shows us a connection between each approach and influence which makes hazard for the target group.

Risk assessment solves the possibilities of threaten the human health and environment complexly.

We offer you the elaboration of human health risk assesment and risk assesment for the environment including the description of subsequent remedial measures in accordance with REACH requirements.