Internal document for REACH Authorisation compliance (idrac)

Internal document for REACH Authorisation compliance (idrac)

Producers of materials for automotive industry.


Every company (downtream user) using a substance listed in the Annex XIV of REACH Regulation, authorised by the supplier, has to comply with the conditions defined in the eSDS and defined risk management measures (exposure part of CSR).

Project goals

Ekotox Centers were asked to assist with implementation of requirements for safe use of the SVHC substance regulated under REACH authorisation. It is important not only to comply with the risk management measures and defined conditions of use, but also to document internally full compliance for self-records but also for potential itions during the period of use and after.


Ekotox team has provided evaluation of conditions of use comparing actual situation in the production sites. Separate IDRAC documents (Internal Documents for REACH Authorisation Compliance) were developed for each production site. All steps of use were evaluated and appropriate measures were identified and applied.

Project outcome

IDRAC documentation developed and implemented.

Ekotox project team

Martin Murín
Martina Kubáňová
Miroslava Hrivnáková

Internal document for REACH Authorisation compliance (idrac)

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