Simplified authorisation

The simplified authorisation (SA) procedure aims to encourage the use of biocidal products (BPs) that have a more favourable environmental or human and animal health profile.

The application procedure for SA of a BP is similar to the procedure for national authorisation except that there are fewer information requirements.

To apply for the SA procedure, the BP must be eligible according to Article 25 of the Biocidal Products Regulation ((EU) No 528/2012 (BPR)):

  • all the active substances contained in the BP appear in Annex I to the BPR and comply with the specified restrictions;
  • the BP does not contain any substance of concern;
  • the BP does not contain any nanomaterials;
  • the BP is sufficiently effective;
  • the handling of the BP and its intended use do not require personal protective equipment.

The SA of a BP is granted by the competent authority (CA) of the evaluating Member State (MS) and is only valid for the approved terms and conditions stated therein.

Mutual recognition by other MSs is not needed for an SA. A notification to the relevant MS(s) before actually placing the product on its territory is sufficient (derogations may apply) .

Simplified authorisationSimplified authorisation